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On the Road:
New Zealand's Te Arai Links

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Nestled on the pristine coastline of New Zealand's North Island.

Te Arai Links is blessed with an extraordinary natural setting. Located just ninety minutes drive north of Auckland, the course boasts panoramic views of Taranga & Marotiri, islands, rolling sand dunes, and lush coastal forests. Golfers are treated to a symphony of sensory delights as they navigate their way through the 18 holes, with the sound of surfable waves breaking and the smell of the Pacific Ocean accompanying every swing.

Te Arai Links is not just a remarkable golf course; it is also a testament to environmental stewardship. The designers have placed great emphasis on preserving and enhancing the natural ecosystem. Native plant species have been reintroduced, and measures have been taken to protect the dunes and wetlands surrounding the course.

The South Course is a masterpiece in Design by world-renowned Coore & Crenshaw

Bill Coore Rendering (South Course)

A true golfer's paradise, Te Arai Links presents an enjoyable experience for golfers of all levels. The course features a variety of tee options, allowing players to tailor their round to their skill level and ensuring an inclusive environment for all. From wide fairways bordered by native grasses to undulating greens that demand precision putting, the course offers a true test of links golf. With its ever-changing coastal winds, every round at Te Arai Links presents a unique challenge.

I was fortunate enough to play a round with Te Arai local Ricky Robinson and my brother visiting from Melbourne, Australia, this past ANZAC day. You may remember some of Ricky's magic from his recent interview on our site, showcasing his incredible images and talking about how he went to school with Cameron Smith.

"A true golfer's paradise”

When you walk Te Arai, you are so easily distracted as you cannot stop being blown away by the sweeping views on every step. It’s easy to see why Ricky has set up camp in this slice of paradise. Holes-wise, on the front nine, the stretch from four to eight is the best on the course, with the fourth being one of the best on the planet. On the back nine, fourteen to seventeen are golf holes you want to play again and again all day.

Beyond the golfing experience, Te Arai Links offers a range of world-class amenities to enhance visitors' enjoyment. The two highlights of the course for me include Ric’s Pizza Barn, where they have a generous selection of beverages and a wood-fired pizza oven, and a 2.5-acre putting green (The Playground), which can be played barefoot with a drink in hand. Putters are available behind the bar for anyone wanting to putt on the biggest putting green on the planet.

Te Arai Links Golf Course is a remarkable testament to the beauty of New Zealand's coastal landscapes and the artistry of golf course design. With its awe-inspiring natural setting, exceptional layout, and commitment to environmental sustainability, the course offers an unforgettable golfing experience.

 Be sure to add this one to the bucket list, especially come October 2023, as this place will only go to another level once the Tom Doak-designed North Course opens.


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